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Lace is the construction of a weave in a vacuum that can be made with just one thread. The Italian word for lace is “pizzo,” which also means extortion or payment for protection. Taking these concepts as a starting point, the project A Weave In A Vacuum lays on the ambiguity of the significance of lace as a symbol of social standing and its historical significance in gender issues and power representation.
A WEAVE IN A VACUUM, plaster and plaster bands, 47x25x15 cm, 2023
The works presented in this project are connected through a continuous narrative that develops and evolves through different mediums, incorporating elements, ideas, and languages from previous projects such as Against Certainty.
red thread.png
Red Thread, linocut and watercolour pencil on paper, 34x24 cm, 2023
Blind Leading Blind, plaster and plaster band, 18x10 cm, 2023
Explosion and Implosion, red thread and ink on a found page, 27x22 cm, 2023
Epilogue, etching on found paper, 27x22cm 2023
Trace (series), etching on paper, 2023
Trace, matrix on zinc plate, 15x10 cm 2023
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